Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why do people hate same sex marriage so much?


whats so wrong with it?

besides the sex is different, or the sexual organs are the same.

they're still people.Why do people hate same sex marriage so much?
IDK maybe they are homophobic or religious or both.Why do people hate same sex marriage so much?
I'm gay and I don't support gay marriage, I'm for gay's getting something similar, but without the religious tie-ins. Civil unions are fine by me.

Don't try and force gay marriage onto the religious community, it's something that religions such as christianity will accept as well as they do evolution. Fact vs faith is never an argument that's worth taking part in, I've only ever seen endless amounts of hate develop that way.
Probably the same reason they hated interracial marriage, it's out of people's comfort zone. People tend to prosecute what they don't understand. Or maybe they're scared of their own sexuality. I think most homophobes are gay themselves, but they just can't come to terms with it so they lash out a those who are. I'm not gay but I think everyone has the right to get married if they want to, what does being the same sex have to do with anything? If your lucky enough in this world to find a person who wants to be with you for the rest of your life then you should be able to get married. I think gay marriage is a hard fight but one that will eventually be won. After all it wasn't until 1967, that interracial marriage was legal. Never give up.
Because they have in their head the very WRONG notion that marriage exists only within their religious realm. When in fact weddings and marriage have existed long, long before Christianity, mostly to settle property disputes. Listen to their argument sometime and you'll hear some of them saying, ';Well, they can have civil unions or whatever but they can't call it marriage!'; Why? Because they've grown so attached to their false concept of marriage being about religion. Atheists get married. Pagans get married. Muslims get married. So why should the USA's concept of marriage be limited to Christian doctrine? We are a nation of many different cultures, and to do so would be asinine.
republicans use it to get more votes, pastors convince people that gay people are sub human so they dont deserve the same rights and people have this drilled into their heads from the time they are toddlers. almost all the major religions are homophobic with the exception of buddhism. and people are scared of people who differ from themselves, which kinda explains the existence of racism and homophobia.
well i dont think society as a whole if ready for it, even though its been around for awhile. they also have a preconcieved answer/feeling to this so therefor have a ';closed'; mind towards it... personally i think its just fine cause love is love and if you love someone and they make you happy then you should marry:)
Because, Religion,NArrow minded people that can't make there own opinions, and there for follow what other people say because more people agree on somthing, so baisicly they dont want to be apart of the minorty groups...


Baisicly stupidity thats why.


If your straight but a gay supporter '

i love you :D
1. They're preoccupied with the sex lives of others.

2. They don't like anything different than themselves.

3. They don't want anyone offending their imaginary God.
If someone says anything to u about same sex marrage send them this link to go to.鈥?/a>

Why did I get a thumbs down the video has why ppl shouldn't hate same sex marrage?
My feelings exactly, there should not be any difficulty with two people who love each other getting legally married.

I think people are just looking for another cause to hate people, like there is already not enough hate.
I think they base that on the bible. But than in my opinion love is love and I'm not in a position to judge and who else is? Who translated the bible anyways?
yeah, because they're ignorance and don't know how to appreciate love.

all they do is talking about true pure love. i cant accept it my self.thanks for asking
Watch this video...

It should cover most of their reasons ;)鈥?/a>
It is because people are brought up in a ';traditional'; marriage household and are close-minded about the subject.
They're jealous and scared because what they get wrong in 3+ marriages we would get right in 1.
because it says like one sentence in the bible about it and its kinda abstract.

i personally dont see whats wrong with it.
Because it's not the ';norm';, which by now, it IS. ^_^
because they're ignorant and they can't accept it.
usually religion plays a big role/ignorance
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