Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is the fear of marriage called?

Whenever I think about it I start to have panic attacks. Is that normal?What is the fear of marriage called?
It's normal to be nervous like that but you need to be really sure before you make that type of commitment. What is the fear of marriage called?
It is called gamophobia.

The fear of marriage.

Fears of certain things are normal, but phobias take fear to an entirely new level like just thinking about it, or seeing a wedding on TV, or something like that is not normal. But I think everyone has a phobia. Phobias can be irrational and to most yours may seem irrational, but to you it's not because you obviously have a genuine fear towards marriage. You might want to see a counselor. I don't mean that in a rude or condescending way, either.
It can have a positive name (extra feeling of responsibility) and might have a negative name (lack in self-confidence).

in both cases it can be treated by looking to those who are less than you but have successful marriage. I trust you will find a lot.

Besides, this is normal -compared with any new experience in life, after practice you realize that the concerns were more than they should be.
It's not unusual. Some people simply aren't suited for marriage - it makes them feel trapped.

There is a funny passage in D.H. Lawrence's ';Women in Love'; concerning marriage. I think it's Gertrude's mother who says, to paraphrase, ';I don't know why you young 'uns are afraid of marriage. When I was young we was afraid of cannonballs, but not marriage.';

Good luck whatever your choice is!
hey! i agree with ROBOTICS!

men get more out of it than women do-

ROBOTICS-good answer!

but seriously it is called: Gamophobia- Fear of marriage
i think its called gamophobia. hopefully i'm right.
The jidders are normal but full out panic attacks are not. What are you afraid of?
inability to commit
it is normal to get nervous, but afterwards TIME TO PARTY!! lol
What is the fear of marriage called?


I call it a warning system....heed the warning. Listen to you head and heart.

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  1. i m too afraid of getting married bcoz i dont wanna loose my independence